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About Natalie

The transformative power of words has always intrigued me. I think that's why I've been drawn towards celebrancy. My background is in educational and developmental psychology and I work as a high school Career Counsellor, supporting young people on the brink of making another kind of life-altering transition!

I'm a happily married mother of two who strongly believes that commitment enhances contentment! When I'm not marrying people, you can generally find me playing the piano, walking the dog or taking happy snaps of the kids. I love to sing and on Thursday nights you'll always find me belting out a tune with the Harmony Club.

Whether you are seeking a wedding service, a commitment ceremony, a reaffirmation of vows or a naming ceremony, I can help you in crafting a ceremony that captures the spirit of the occasion. I have samples of poems and readings you may like to use in your service. You can, of course, contribute your favourite works or pen some original words to make your ceremony truly unique. 

In Australia you don't need a marriage license . There is, however, some paperwork involved and I can advise you of the documentation you will need to meet the requirements for a marriage under Australian law. 

Friends and family (including children) are welcome to play a role in your ceremony.

Phone: 0402 817 407